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Stewart Handling Systems represents leading manufacturers of ergonomic barrel and drum handling equipment.

Stewart Handling supplies a full line of drum handling equipment used to lift drums, move drums, pour drums, rack drums and weigh drums and barrels.Our products include: drum tumblers, drum rollers, drum dumpers, drum rackers, drum cradles, drum trucks, drum dollies, mobile drum handlers, portable drum lifts, stainless steel drum handlers, 5 gallon pail handlers, forklift attachment to move drums.

If you do not see the Drum Handling Equipment you need here, please contact Stewart Handling Systems. We welcome your requests for custom drum handling equipment.

Mobile Drum Handlers Drum Rackers / Stackers
Mobile drum handling equipment is available with various maximum pouring heights .
Find the best solution for Safety Conscious Drum Handling Equipment to lift and rack drums.
Drum Palletizers Portable Drum Lifts
Choose the best drum handler for moving your drums onto and off pallets .  
Portable Drum Lifts to meet all your drum handling and material handling needs
Below Hook Drum Handler 5-Gallon Pail Handlers
Find the best below hook drum handler for your drums.
Find an ergonomic 5-gallon pail handler for your application.
Drum Cradles Drum Dollies
Drum cradles to move and position drums .

Find the right drum dolly for your 30-gallon (114 liter) drum or 55-gallon (208 liter) drum
Drum Trucks Drum Dumpers
Innovative, ergonomic 2-wheel and 4-wheel drum truck design fully supports the drum's weight...

Single-stage or dual-stage Drum Dumpers safely lift and pour drums.

Drum Rollers Drum Tumblers
Drum Rollers are used for rotating drums to mix or blend material inside a closed drum...
Agitate your drums contents without opening the drum with a Drum Tumbler
Spark Resistant Drum Handling Equipment Stainless Steel Drum Handlers
Drum handlers can be made with spark resistant parts .
More and more companies are demanding high quality stainless steel drum handlers...
Custom Drum Handlers Drum Handling Forklift Attachments

Request a Quote on a custom drum handler to meet your specific requirement

Forklift Drum Handling Attachments. Find the best forklift drum handler for your drums. Choose the correct forklift drum handler to lift and pour drums, or to lift and move upright drums.
Accessories & Options
See our complete line of drum handling accessories and options for 55 gallon drums