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  • Vertical Stock Rack
  • Horizontal Stock Rack
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Vertical Stock Racks store long pieces of stock vertically, while smaller sizes are kept on pan shelves. High strength tubular steel arms extend 8” from the frame. Pan shelves are spaced 21” apart. The unit base is 36” wide x 24” deep. Unit is 84” high and has a capacity of 2,000 lbs. Unit weight is 80 lbs. Finish: Powder Coated Gray

Horizontal Stock Racks can be used individually or in conjunction with other horizontal stock racks, depending on the length of the stock to be stored. These units are 84” high x 22” square at bottom and is tapered to 41/2” square at the top. Angled steel arms are spaced every 81/2” and extend 8” from uprights. Capacity per pair of arms is 100 lbs. Unit weight is 60 lbs. Finish: Powder Coated Gray
  • Powder Coated
  • Store Long Parts Vertical
  • Store Long Parts Horizontally
  • Easy Setup 

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