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Flexible power conveyors provide maximum productivity in shipping, transportation and packaging applications where usability and adaptability are needed. The BestFlex Power 1.5 Roller Conveyor can service multiple docking doors for maximum productivity and has a maximum compaction ratio to take advantage of valuable floor space. By powering the conveyor, any package size can be moved any distance at variable rates of speed. The BestFlex Power 1.5 Roller Conveyor is an all power conveyor that has a capacity of 100 pounds per linear foot.
The BestFlex Power 1.5 Roller Conveyor is a flexible solution for distribution centers with high volume cross docking, loading and unloading trailers as well as packaging and manufacturing applications to provide greater product control and maximize worker efficiency.
  • Width: 18”, 24”, or 30” Determined by package size, available conveying area and application specific needs
  • Length Extended:  12’ and up. Determine total length needed, including curvatures and obstructions
  • Axle Center:  5”, 4” or 3” Package size determines necessary axle center length on fully extended conveyor
  • Roller Type: 1.5 diameter steel roller Determined by package weight, durability, operational flow control, and application specific needs
  •  Adjustable speed control for maximizing your output.
  •  Collapsible for easy storage when not in use.
  •  Optional sensor accumulation to stop one box at a time for more efficiency.
  •  Runs off 110 volt.
  •  Optional wheel diameters for rolling into truck for faster unloading.
  • Can be configured to communicate with other conveyors for easy flow of goods
Click here to learn about the new Mobile Belted Loader. fmh-mobile-belted-loader-power-assist-conveyor-c-122_249.html#1
The MLB30 easily integrates with the BestFlex powered flexible conveyor systems in demanding, high volume, multiple dock environments.
Combining the MLB30 with a BestFlex system will maximize efficiency by effortlessly navigating in and out of trailers.
Need a specific length or operation function?  We will help you design a conveyor with the features needed to meet your requirements .

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