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Morse Drum Handling Equipment

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Trying to maneuver and manually handle bulky and heavy 55-gallon drums can be extremely dangerous. Custom drum handling solutions and 55-gallon drum lifting devices allow an operator to effectively and easily lift, move and pour steel, plastic or fiber drums. Drum handling equipment for industrial barrels is designed to improve the efficiency of your operation while providing safe and effective solutions for a wide range of industries.
Advanced designed and engineered drum handling equipment from Stewart Handling Solutions provides an effective way to move, weigh, lift, mix, heat and pump drums and barrels. We offer mobile trucks powered by air, electric or manual and forklift attachments as part of the largest line of 55-gallon drum handling equipment. 
Contact us for more information on our line of 55-gallon drum lifting devices for industrial barrels and other types of drum handling solutions. Or call us at 800-447-5300 and we will be happy to assist with any questions that you may have.

Specialized Drum Handling Equipment Service Solutions

If you are in the market for highly specialized drum handling equipment, look no further than Stewart Handling Solutions for your drum lifting requirement needs. We have specially designed equipment that you need to make your jobs easier and more efficient. The following types of drum handling equipment provide an easier way to handle industrial barrels.

Mobile Drum Handlers Drum Palletizers

Mobile drum handling solutions provide an easy and efficient way to lift and pour utilizing various pouring heights, capacities and power choices. These devices can even handle stainless steel drums. Stewart Handling Systems’ mobile drum handlers provide a safe, ergonomic and easy way to transport drums throughout your facility while providing various other necessary functions.

Drum Rackers & Stackers

Rackers and stackers provide unique drum handling solutions for your business. Instead of piling up industrial barrels in the corner of your warehouse, you can now conveniently stack them on racks. This machine provides needed organizational benefits that can benefit any warehouse.

Drum Palletizers, Transporters & Movers

This necessary piece of drum handling equipment provides an easy and effective way to load 55-gallon drums onto pallets for quick and efficient truck loading and processing. Drum palletizers, transporters and movers prevent unnecessary injury due to manual handling of the drums.

Drum Dumpers

This 55-gallon drum lifting device is constructed with heavy gauge carbon steel and provides a heavy-duty, versatile and cost-efficient solution to moving heavy industrial barrels. Our drum dumpers are available in either 1,000 lb. or 1,500 lb. capacities.

Below Hook Drum Handlers

Stewart Handling Solutions below hook drum handlers are used to lift, rotate and control drum pouring. They also provide an easier way to transport and dispense drum contents with your hoist or crane. These devices include 5-gallon drum attachments.

5-Gallon Pail Handlers5-Gallon Pail Handlers

Our 5-gallon pail handlers are built to easily handle, lift, pour, transport, mix or tumble any type of 5-Gallon Pail in and around your work site. These handy devices are built to improve ergonomics while reducing the risk of repetitive lifting. 

Drum Cradles/Tilting Drum Stands

At Stewart Handling Solutions we carry several models of drum cradles/drum tilting stands with easy one-man tipping for transporting dispensing or storing drums. Our drum cradle solutions include 15-gallon, 30-gallon, and 55-gallon drums.

Drum Dollies

Drum dollies provide convenient drum handling solutions for a wide range of drum transportation tasks. Our drum dollies can move and position any type of 30 or 55-gallon drum. This type of unique drum handling equipment allows you to manually move a drum throughout a warehouse or job site.

Drum Trucks

Specialized drum truck 55-gallon drum lifting devices feature a cart-like design that allows the user to push or pull an industrial drum anywhere within a facility. At Stewart Handling Solutions we offer 2-wheel, 4-wheel, or powered drum trucks.

Drum Rollers55 gallon drum roller

Drum rollers save time, labor and increase production. Our drum rollers provide hands-free handling and mixing capabilities. We offer both AC and air-powered drum rollers, suitable for any 55-gallon industrial barrel application.

Drum Tumblers

Drum tumblers are ideal for mixing the contents of a closed steel, plastic or fiber drum. By using a closed drum there is no need to insert anything into the drum. Our drum tumblers also feature hands-free operation and no spillage or mess.

Control Packages

Drum tumbler control packages provide a great tool to better control the desired time of drum rotation within your application. From a few seconds to several hours, our control packages allow you to push start and walk away.

Custom Drum Handlers

Whether you need increased capacities or have non-standard drums, different types of drums or a mixture of all the above, our custom drum handlers can be customized to match your specific application.

Drum Handling Forklift Attachments

Drum handling forklift attachments are used to pick up, move, pour, rotate, stack, rack or transport your drums. Forklift attachments are great for unloading pallets or stacking your drums two or three high. To save room you can rack your drums horizontally with the forklift drum racker attachment.

Drum Handling Accessories & OptionsStainless Steel Drum Cone with Valve Flange, but No Valve. 60 Degree, Size #19 [5SS-VF-60-19]

For additional assistance to provide more efficient drum handling, Stewart Handling Solutions provides several accessories and options to help you get the job done safely and efficiently.  

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Stewart Handling Systems is a specialist in drum handling equipment. We offer 55-gallon drum handling solutions which include hand trucks, handlers, forklift attachments, below hook attachments, 360-degree rotation and can provide many models in type 304 Stainless Steel.
Contact us for more information regarding our 55-gallon drum lifting devices and other drum handling solutions, or request a quote for further pricing details today.

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