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FMH, Bestflex, and Nestaflex conveyor systems provide an easier and more convenient way to move heavy materials or packages through a facility. By utilizing gravity instead of strenuous extra labor FMH, Nestaflex and Bestflex conveyor systems provide a wheel-loaded runway that moves heavy inventory safely and effectively, with very little effort.
Contact us for more information regarding our FMH conveyor system options and advanced quality FMH replacement parts today. We are the nation’s ONLY provider of FMH replacement parts.

FMH Conveyor & Replacement Part Advantages

At Stewart Handling we provide flexible FMH, Bestflex, and Nestaflex conveyors and replacement parts for your loading/receiving needs. If you are specifically looking for replacement parts, We are FMH’s premier dealer for replacement parts nationwide. Some of the benefits of choosing Stewart Handling for your conveyor and replacement part needs include
  • Flexible powered conveyors
  • Replacement parts including O-rings
  • Skate wheel gravity conveyors
  • Comes in receiving or shipping configuration
  • Connect one or more for longer applications
  • Made in the USA

FMH, Bestflex & Nestaflex Conveyor Options

Stewart Handling’s expert material equipment staff understands the large and subtle differences that separate each of our conveyor systems. Each one of our FMH. Nestalex and Bestflex conveyor systems provide unique advantages that cannot be matched by any other type of conveyor system. We carry the following types of FMH conveyor systems:

Gravity Skate Wheel Nestaflex 376 AL/FL Conveyor Systems

The NestaFlex® 376 AL/FL is a heavy-duty gravity controlled conveyor system that features double welded cross braces and heavy-duty square tubing legs that are available with adjustable height legs (AL) and fixed height legs (FL). The Nestaflex 376 AL/FL gravity conveyor is also flexible, lightweight and collapsible for convenient use wherever product movement is required. 

Gravity 226 Nestaflex Conveyor System

The Nestflex® 226 Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor is a self-tracking, gravity skate wheel conveyor which is designed to expand, contract and move easily with a load capacity of 226 lbs. It is ideal for use in retail store level applications, packaging areas, assembly lines and in low volume shipping and receiving departments.

Nestaflex 376PL Wheel Conveyor System

With a 376 lb. capacity, the NestFlex 376PL Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor is the leading expandable conveyor for your outbound product needs. The 376PL is easily stored under your fixed conveyor to maximize control and storage space.

Powered FMH Conveyors with 1.5" Rollers

FMH powered conveyors allow any size package to be moved any distance at variable rates of speed. The BestFlex Power 1.5 Roller Conveyor is an all power conveyor that has a capacity of 100 pounds per linear foot. Additionally, the BestFlex Power 1.5 Roller Conveyor can service numerous docking doors for ultimate productivity, with a compaction ratio that maximizes valuable floor space.

Powered FMH Conveyors with 1.9” Rollers

The BestFlex Power 1.9 Roller Conveyor is a flexible solution for distribution centers with high volume cross-docking, loading, and unloading trailers as well as packaging and manufacturing applications to provide greater product control and maximize worker efficiency.

FMH Replacement Parts

Stewart Handling is the ONLY premier dealership for FMH replacement parts in the entire nation. We can replace worn out O-rings to increase traction, replace electronics and fuses, or replace brushes to provide increased motor functionality.

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