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Nestaflex 376PL Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor

(Heavy-Duty NestaFlex 376PL Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor)
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The NestaFlex 376 PL Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor System is a heavy-duty version of the NestaFlex 226. With an all-steel construction, the 376 PL provides heavy-duty versatility and flexibility for a wide range of applications. NestaFlex 376’s free-spinning wheels allow products and packages to be pushed manually with minimal effort or installed with a slight pitch for gravity-induced movement.

At Stewart Handling, we provide heavy-duty NestaFlex 376 PL gravity conveyor systems that have a max capacity of 376 lbs. The NestaFlex conveyor system is flexible and easy to transfer while providing dimensional package versatility. This heavy-duty gravity skate conveyor system makes moving and transferring packages quick and easy.

Contact us for more information regarding the NestaFlex 376 skate wheel conveyor system today, or call us at 800-447-5300 and we will be happy to assist you with any questions that you may have regarding our entire line of gravity conveyor systems.

NestaFlex 376 PL Skate Wheel Conveyor Specifications

The NestaFlex 376PL Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor is the leading expandable conveyor for your outbound product with a 376 lb. capacity. The 376PL can be equipped with several engineered options to maximize performance. Fixed height perpendicular legs make sure your conveyor pitch remains constant and provides gravity flow, while the Herringbone transition centers the product on the 376PL as it goes from your fixed conveyor to the truck loading system. Additional specifications include:
  • 3 “ axle for first 10’ of conveyor; remaining footage is 5 ¼” axle centers
  • Elevations preset based on application
  • Steel skate wheels with steel ball bearings.  
Storage is made simple by the guide track system designed to allow you to store the NestaFlex® 376PL Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor under your fixed conveyor to maximize control and storage space. Need a specific length or operation function? Contact us and we will help you design a conveyor with the features needed to meet your requirements.

NestaFlex 376 Gravity Conveyor Systems Applications

The NestaFlex 376 provides a heavy-duty design that is also flexible and lightweight. With built-in wheels and compact design, the NestaFlex 376 provides easy movement to numerous delivery locations throughout your facility.

This conveyor is also collapsible for easy storage when not in use and is designed to provide the support necessary to handle heavy packages in medium to high volume shipping environments. Some of the products that this heavy-duty, all-steel, self-tracking system is designed to move include:
  • Boxes
  • Bulky crates
  • Carriers
  • Heavy totes
  • Flat bags
  • Cartons
The NestaFlex 376 PL skate wheel conveyor system is designed for compact storage and is ideal for loading and unloading trailers, creating temporary assembly lines, and adding length to an existing conveyor.

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Contact us for more information regarding our heavy-duty, flexible NestaFlex 376 PL Gravity Skate Conveyor system, or request a quote for further pricing details today. Call Stewart Handling today for custom sizing or applications: 800-447-5300. We also offer services for installation, maintenance, and repairs for these products.

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