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At Stewart Handling, we proudly distribute lift tables and pallet lifts manufactured by Southworth Products. As the world's largest manufacturer of ergonomic equipment for vertical lifting and positioning applications, Southworth Products' lift tables and pallet lifts are used by commercial and industrial customers worldwide. Whether you're lifting and positioning heavy boxes, transporting pallets, or stacking loads, Southworth's reliable material handling equipment will make the job safer and easier.

Try Southworth Products Lift Tables & Pallet Lifts in Person at Our Demo Showroom

Want to try Southworth Products' material handling equipment in person before purchasing? Located in Riverside, California, our demonstration room gives you the opportunity to test lift tables, pallet lifts, and other material handling products for yourself. Contact us today to schedule a visit for a live demo.

Southworth Lift Tables & Pallet Lifts at Stewart Handling

As Southern California's premier supplier, installer, and servicer of the best material handling equipment in the industry, Stewart Handling is your source for Southworth Products lift tables and pallet lifts. Our inventory of Southworth equipment includes the PalletPal 360 Spring Level Loader and Floor Height Lift Tables.

PalletPal 360 Spring Level Loader

The PalletPal 360 Spring Level Loader from Southworth Products is a pallet leveler that automatically lowers and raises as materials are added to the load. The PalletPal's unique design allows for 360-degree access to loads, simplifying the process of loading a pallet.
The PalletPal 360 is popular in industrial contexts that use pallets extensively, including warehousing, manufacturing, and more. It's easy to use and does not require power, making it a versatile and cost-effective pallet-handling solution. Additional benefits of using the PalletPal 360 Spring Level Loader include:
  • Reduced time and effort needed to load and unload pallets
  • Creates better ergonomics for workers by reducing the amount of bending and lifting
  • The risk of injury is reduced by keeping the top layer of loads at a comfortable height for workers
  • Improves safety by providing a stable platform for loading and unloading pallets

Floor Height Lift Tables

Southworth's ZLS2-35 floor-height lift table features a 2,000-pound capacity and a platform that lowers to sit nearly flush with the floor. This innovative design allows operators to load and unload pallets from the lift using only a hand pallet truck. Advantages of Southworth Products' floor-height lift tables include:
  • Pan-style platform that lowers to a near-floor height
  • Allow for four-sided access to pallets
  • Can be loaded and unloaded using a hand truck

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Southworth Lift Tables & Spring Level Loaders

Contact us to learn how we can supply you with high-quality Southworth lift tables and spring level loaders. For pricing information, request a quote online. For all your material handling equipment needs, Stewart Handling has you covered.

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