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FMH conveyor systems are used by commercial manufacturers and industrial customers nationwide. At Stewart Handling, we distribute FMH Bestflex conveyors for shipping, packaging, and other material handling applications. With a wide range of features, including adjustable conveyor speed control, flexible setup, and a collapsible design for convenient storage, FMH Bestflex Power Conveyors are the perfect solution for transporting objects in a controlled space.

FMH's BestFlex powered conveyor system with 1.5" rollers makes transporting packages and objects as simple as possible. This innovative conveyor is portable and designed for use in various applications, including shipping and receiving, warehouse management, and more. The Bestflex 1.5 conveyor with accumulation has a load capacity of 100 pounds per foot and can bend or flex to configure for docks, storage rooms, and other applications. Common items transported by Bestflex in commercial environments include:

  • Boxes
  • Crates
  • Carriers
  • Flat bags
  • Cartons


Come down to our Southern California showroom and try our equipment below for hands on demo! 


FMH Bestflex 1.5 Rollers with Accumulation Power Conveyor


You can test FMH conveyors in person at our demonstration showroom in Riverside, California.

Bring your own products to demo with the Bestflex 1.5 Power Conveyor with accumulation, or use products we provide. Contact us today to schedule a visit for a live demo.

Contact us to learn how we can provide you with FMH conveyor systems with accumulation. You can also schedule a visit to our demonstration showroom in Riverside, California, to test the FMH Bestflex 1.5 Power Conveyor with accumulation in person. For pricing information on special orders, request a quote online. Stewart Handling is Southern California's one-stop source for industrial material handling equipment.

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