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The NestaFlex® Gravity 376 AL/FL is a heavy duty, gravity conveyor that features double welded cross braces and heavy duty square tubing legs available in adjustable height legs (AL) and fixed height legs (FL). The four point leg connection gives additional strength to the conveyor to make it last longer. The NestaFlex 376 has a 376 lb. load capacity and is designed to provide the support necessary to handle heavy packages in medium to high volume shipping environments; such as receiving departments in distribution centers, retail stores, and manufacturing and assembly operations.
These gravity conveyors are flexible and lightweight for easy movement where you need product moved.  They are collapsible for easy storage when not in use.  
  • Width: 18”, 24”, or 30”.  Determined by package size, available conveying area and application specific needs Comes in various heights and lengths.
  • Length extended: 8’ - 60’.  Determine total length needed, including curvatures and obstructions
  • Axle center: 5.25”, 4” or 3”. Package size determines necessary axle center length on fully extended conveyor
  • Skate Wheel Type: Steel, Black or Red; Determined by package weight, durability, operational flow control, and application specific needs
Need a specific length or operation function?  We will help you design a conveyor with the features needed to meet your requirements.

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