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The new Mobile Belted Loader (MBL30) is a power assist loading and unloading conveyor in the rigid drive-out series of heavy-duty equipment from FMH Conveyors.

The MBL30 easily integrates with the BestFlex® powered flexible conveyor systems in demanding environments that experience high-volume, multiple dock deployments. Combining the MBL30 with a BestFlex system will maximize dock productivity and efficiency by effortlessly navigating in and out of trailers, requiring just a minimum of operator effort at the controls. The MBL30 offers easy-to-use controls and the operator also has access to several emergency stop buttons, strategically located for immediate access from multiple positions.

The Mobile Belted Loader reliably services multiple dock doors to assist in the consistent transport of parcels in high volume operations.
This dependable belted conveyor features solid rubber drive wheels for reliability when navigating in demanding conditions. The 30” wide belt on both the snout and main body of this conveyor features a high grip surface that improves surface tension to reduce package slip. The articulating belted snout is dedicated for loading or unloading the floor loaded parcels by placing the work surface at the correct ergonomic height with a touch of the button from 1’-5’ above floor height.

Choose the MBL30 to reduce the risk of typical ergonomic injuries while improving overall operator safety and efficiency
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